Sensible IT Solutions Virginia Beach

Why Choose Us?

Our primary focus is always customer service – we want to give you what YOU want. We understand that your focus is on your patients and the quality of care and service which they receive. We will work with you to ensure that you will not be bogged down by technology and your systems. We will stay up to date on the latest changes and improvements in the computer industry. We will work with you to make any changes necessary to keep your office on the cutting edge of the computer industry.

The founding partners of Executive Technology bring over 40 years of combined experience to you. Whether it’s software development, networking, system administration, configuration, installation or maintenance, we have mastered it all. We can use our experience to raise your productivity to a new level.

Specific Dental Knowledge
Not only is the computer industry always changing and improving, the medical and dental fields are also changing. There are always new products available and new laws being passed. Both of these can affect the way in which you are doing business. We stay current on the new products which can help your practice. HIPAA is a prime example of the changing legal aspect in the medical field. We are well versed in HIPAA. We know how to integrate solutions to ensure that your practice is in full compliance with all of the ever changing regulations.

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